Signatu Has Made its Beta Version av Privacy Policy Generator Available


Signatu offers services that create solutions meeting privacy regulation (GDPR) requirements. Signatu is one of our great partners.

Privacy Policy Generator

Signatu launched its Privacy Policy Generator in December 2017. It is a service you can use to establish privacy policies and that can be generated in a variety of languages. You can now test Signatu's services free of charge.


The collection and documentation of the user's consents are important parts of GDPR and ePrivacy. Signatu has created a solution for easy handling of consents.

Signatu Trackerdetect

Third-party scripts and cookies collect data from users of the majority of websites. To help you identify and monitor third-party services and tracking on the websites you visit, Signatu offers Trackerdetect.

To read more, go to https://signatu.com/

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