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Data privacy with a good night's sleep 

The rules in a nutshell

Stricter rules, consequences of non-compliance

The data protection rules in GDPR create tough sanctions for breach of current rules, and add new requirements. The new requirements focus on documentation of security, adequate consent, clear information, risk assessment, and internal control systems. Data portability requirements, short response deadlines, and a new kind of data protection officer are also introduced. Personal liability is on the rise for company boards and CEOs. Read news and specific topics in our blog, our method for compliance under our services or get in touch. 

GDPR deals with privacy management. The proposed and equally strict e-Privacy Regulation concerns privacy communication. It is particularly relevant for marketing.

Take the first step towards compliance

Three simple steps towards compliance and a good night's sleep

  1. Understand what privacy means. We provide a compact introduction, tailored to your business.
  2. Map your firm's personal information process. 
  3. Create order. Together, we establish routines, evaluations, and systems.

Because we know the law, we can simplify it for you. And because we have carried out many projects, we will make yours as simple as possible. As lawyers, we take on the responsiblity for addressing the difficult questions.

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A safe choice

Recognised expertise 

Bull & Co was chosen as the Norwegian Data Protection Authority's and ICT Norway's law firm partner for their comprehensive series of seminars in at the introduction of the regulation.

Our lawyers are members of the Norwegian Lawyers' Association's Expert Committee for data protection law and the Expert Committee for ICT law at the Norwegian center for continuing legal education. 

Simple needs?

Data protection that fits simple needs

Does your business handle small amounts of personal information? If so, our "Simple needs" data protection product may be just right.

Faster analyses, more fixed pricing, the shorter road to compliance.

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