Do you start from scratch and need a hand?

We understand that it can seem overwhelming to get started with implementation of data privacy measures. Therefore, we have developed a process that is divided into five manageable phases.

Data privacy involves large parts of the organization. In phase 1 the task is to establish the team that will be responsible for the implementation and maintenance of data privacy. We offer basic training and can help you with organizing the team and getting started.

In phase 2 the goal is to uncover which measures are required to make sure your business complies with the data privacy regulation. We can help you with this by completing a gap analysis to map out what is already in place, and decide which measures that need to be included in the project of implementing data privacy.

After uncovering the needs, the main part of the job starts in phase 3. The phase includes assessing the legal grounds for processing, preparing privacy statements and an internal control system, appointing a data protection officer (if necessary), mapping information security, etc. We are ready to assist you throughout the process.

In phase 4 it is time to implement the measures taken in phase 3. The phase involves, among other things, establishing a culture in the organization where data privacy and safety are fundamental, guiding the employees to comply with the GDPR and implement internal control.

When phase 4 is completed, phase 5 begins: A new everyday life with data privacy in focus. It is important that the policies prepared in phases 3 and 4 are complied with and continuously improved, and that deviations are reported. As the business and regulations change, adjustments must be made. We assist with privacy advice, notification of deviations in the event of an incident, and keep you updated on privacy through network meetings.

You can read more about all phases of the method here, or contact us here if you want to get started.

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