Are you well under way, but wonder if anything is lacking?

To uncover which privacy measures that are in place and which measures that are still lacking, we can help you carry out a gap analysis. This will give an indication of the extent of work that must be done to comply with the GDPR.

Through the analysis, you get an overview of what you have in place when it comes to:

  • Today's data processing, categories of data and data flow
  • The use of IT systems and the data flow between these
  • Existing policies and documentation
  • Internal organization
  • Existing data security
  • Contractual relations with external suppliers

By comparing the results from the analysis with the requirements in the GDPR, you will find the degree of compliance in your business. This allows you to map out what is still missing. We can then help you implement the necessary measures to ensure full compliance. 

You can read more about the process here, or contact us here.

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