Data Protection Officer

Because GDPR requires a so-called Data Protection Officer (DPO) to be designated for certain organizations, your organization must as early as possible determine if you are obliged to appoint a DPO. This is typical of:

  • public enterprises 
  • data processors
  • banks
  • insurance companies
  • private hospitals

We will help you to: 

  • assess whether your organisation must have a DPO
  • explain the GDPR requirements for the DPO
  • define the role and tasks of the DPO  

We will need this from your organisation:

  • information about the organisation's main business 
  • the type and extent of personal data processing
  • the organisation's ownership structure
  • other relevant information to assess the need for a DPO 

As an additional service, we can offer to become the DPO. This may be interesting for businesses that do not want to use resources on educating an employee on the competence requirements set out in the GDPR. 

Please contact us. 

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